IV vitamin therapy is the fastest & most effective method of introducing fluid, nutrients & health supplements throughout your entire body. With board-certified physicians, clinical science professionals & a staff of experts in dehydration treatments & nutritional IV therapy, Boost Hydration IV treatments are a safe, fast and easy way to revive.RevIVed Hydration is the leader in providing mobile IV therapy in Grand Rapids and Traverse City. IV therapy addresses a range of needs from hangover remedies, vitamin boosts, and weight loss options to keep you looking and feeling great.We provide fast on-demand hangover IV treatments and Vitamin Infusions. Have your IV hangover therapy in home or on The Hangover Bus.Research suggests that taking sodium bicarbonate by mouth 1-2 hours before short-term, high-intensity exercise improves power during exercise in trained men. Other research shows that taking sodium.Treatments for flu, jet lag, upset stomach, hangover, and fatigue.. intravenous vitamin therapy is the fastest way to potentially restore optimum hydration, 2. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Also, intravenous therapy reduces the.Mobile IV Wellness and Hydration. scroll. quench mobile IV HYDRATION WELLNESS and HORMONE THERAPY . Q-drip Menu . Q – WELLNESS.. Vitamin and Nutrient enhancement shots. enhance your overall well-being with our Q-Boosters Vitamin and Nutrient injections. Increase Energy and Stimulate metabolism.Known as nutrient IV therapy, the treatment entails pumping vitamins, minerals, and fluids directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract for what is meant to be a rush of.2. Are they safe? Yes! Our IV drip therapies are completely safe administered by one of our certified and experienced staff . members with our supplies and medications provided by licensed suppliers. 3. How much is it? Revitalize Mobile IV Hydration offers several iv drip therapies starting at $110 for our most basic rehydration.Drip Hydration is a mobile IV therapy service bringing instant relief from hangovers, IV therapy detoxifies your body and restores essential vitamins and fluids, laying a. Drip Hydration 2 · IMG_2379 · Drip Hydration IV Drips with Vitamins.Benefits of IV Hydration. Consuming fluids, energy drinks, or taking vitamins orally may help with the effects of dehydration, but your body can only absorb approximately 50% of the nutrients within them. With IV administration of fluids and nutrients, you will get nearly 100% absorption, leading to quicker and longer-lasting results.